Photos of the Week for June 21, 2013

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    Massachusetts State Police search along a road near the home of New England Patriot's NFL football player Aaron Hernandez in North Attleborough, Mass., Wednesday. Police spent a second day at Hernandez' home on Wednesday, two days after a body was found about a mile away. (AP Photo/Erika Niedowski)

    AP Photo
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    Police recently released the video of a 39-year-old Ypsilanti man swiping a Pittsfield Township police officer in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant last winter. Full story (Image YouTube)

    AP Photo/Las Vegas Fire and Rescue
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    Striking workers of a steel factory clash with police and company guards to prevent the company from taking out their products Thursday at suburban Quezon city north of Manila, Philippines. The workers went on strike for more than a month now following the decision of the company to downsize its working force allegedly for economic reasons which the workers branded as illegal dismissal. (AP Photo/Bullit Marquez)

    AP Photo/Australian Antarctic Division
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    A man snatched a two-year-old girl from a Wal-Mart shopping cart and held her at knifepoint for more than half an hour while officers tried to talk him into surrendering. Full story (Image News9))

    AP Photo/John Javellana
  • http://police-praetorian.netdna-ssl.com/firing.jpg

    Anti riot police officer fire teargas against demonstrators during clashes near Arena Fonte Nova soccer stadium in Salvador, Brazil, Thursday. Police shot tear gas canisters and rubber bullets to disperse a small crowd of protesters trying to break through a police barrier blocking one of the city's streets. Protesters gathered for a new wave of massive demonstrations in Brazil on Thursday.(AP Photo/Fernando Llano)

    AP Photo
  • http://police-praetorian.netdna-ssl.com/girlhitbycar-1.jpg

    Recently-released dash-cam video shows a young girl darting out into the street from between two parked cars and being struck by a passing patrol car. Full story (Image 10tv)

    AP Photo/Matt Rourke
  • http://police-praetorian.netdna-ssl.com/protestors-2.jpg

    Lebanese riot police clash with civil society protesters near the Parliament in Beirut, Lebanon, Thursday. Lebanon’s parliament on May 29 extended its term by a year and a half, skipping scheduled elections because of the country’s deteriorating security linked to the civil war next door in Syria. (AP Photo/Bilal Hussein)

    AP Photo/Matt Rourke

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