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Segway's New Three-Wheel Product for Public Safety – Expected Performance

Bedford, N.H. - Segway Inc.’s talented engineers developed the groundbreaking technology that created the new market segment of electric personal transportation for the public safety market. For over ten years, Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) have proven to be a valuable patrol tool forpolicesecurityEMS and military personnel. 

The Segway Patroller’s maneuverability and versatility is unmatched. It allows users to travel seamlessly on just about any terrain, better interact with people and keep communities safe. Along with its unique and patented self-balancing technology, the Segway PT has earned its reputation for quality and reliability. In addition, it is completely backed by a financially sound company that boasts a responsive service and retail network of more than 250 international locations.

In early March, Segway announced the development of a new three-wheel product for the public safety market. It’s a natural extension of our product line and will be available in Q4 2013. The new product is an ideal match for missions that require a larger vehicle, which can display a more obvious security presence without a rider aboard, or that require a rider to frequently mount and dismount the vehicle during a patrol.

Segway’s three-wheel product will offer several advantages over existing models by providing superior features, reliability and customer service. It will also include standard rugged public safety lighting and cargo solutions as well as the option to add advanced recording and fleet tracking technology. Essentially, our new product will offer everything you need to configure for specific patrol responsibilities. To follow is a breakout of its expected performance versus that of existing products.

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