Mass. police fatally shoot man in failed arrest attempt

Andrew Stigliano, 27, was shot inside a home when he fled police and reportedly armed himself with a shotgun

By Gary J. Remal
Boston Herald

ASHLAND, Mass. — The Middlesex District Attorney's Office is investigating after Ashland police yesterday shot and killed a man who they said had outstanding warrants and confronted cops with a shotgun when they tried to arrest him.

Andrew Stigliano, 27, was shot inside a home on Metropolitan Avenue at about 10:45 a.m., Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan said in a joint statement with Ashland Police Chief Stephen Doherty.

An Ashland police officer, who knew Stigliano had outstanding warrants, tried to arrest him, but Stigliano ran into the home and "armed himself with a shotgun," the statement said.

"When officers again attempted to arrest him inside the house, Stigliano confronted the officers with the shotgun and an officer discharged his weapon," it continued.

The officer who shot Stigliano was not identified.

Stigliano was pronounced dead at the scene, authorities said.

As cops swarmed the house and Stigliano's body remained inside yesterday afternoon, neighbors and others watched the unfolding investigation.

"He had his problems like anyone else ... but nothing to indicate anything like this would happen," said Mike Zaytsev, who described himself as a friend of Stigliano.

Reached by phone, Stigliano's family refused comment.

Police initially said they would hold a press conference, but that was canceled and the joint statement was later released. The DA's office said the police use of deadly force will be investigated. And it said the circumstances of the shooting remain part of a "active and ongoing" investigation.

"He was not a perfect person by no means, but he was not a bad person," said another friend, Josh Eaton. "It didn't have to happen, no way it had to happen."

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