Photos of the Week for July 5, 2013

  • http://police-praetorian.netdna-ssl.com/badarrest-1.jpg

    A civil rights lawsuit was filed in federal court last week against nine of the city’s police officers for an incident that unfolded after a bar fight in 2011. Full story (Image NJ.com)

    AP Photo
  • http://police-praetorian.netdna-ssl.com/shootingdog.jpg

    A Southern California police officer fatally shot a Rottweiler that lunged at officers arresting its master. Full story (Image YouTube)

    AP Photo/Australian Antarctic Division
  • http://police-praetorian.netdna-ssl.com/airportissues.jpg

    A YouTube video shows Port of Portland police deploying a TASER on a disorderly man before arresting him in front of a crowd of travelers at Oregon National Airport. Full story (Image YouTube)

    AP Photo
  • http://police-praetorian.netdna-ssl.com/canadaterrorism-1.jpg

    Canadian authorities charged two people Tuesday in an "al-Qaida-inspired" plot to bomb Canada Day celebrations at the provincial legislature in Victoria, British Columbia. Full story (Image CBCNews)

    AP Photo/Las Vegas Fire and Rescue
  • http://police-praetorian.netdna-ssl.com/phoenixjones-2.jpg

    Seattle’s self-proclaimed superhero Phoenix Jones was frustrated with police after he tailed a man accused of punching a bartender until officers arrived and the cops reportedly let the suspect go. Full story (Image YouTube)

    AP Photo/John Javellana
  • http://police-praetorian.netdna-ssl.com/pointblank-1.jpg

    Police Friday released 911 tapes and video surveillance showing a tense standoff that ended when an officer killed a suspect holding a knife to the throat of a 2-year-old girl in a Walmart Market by shooting him in the head at point-blank range. Full story (Image KFOR)

    AP Photo/Matt Rourke

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