Pa. child porn victim sues viewers for $150k each

Under the 2006 Masha Law, Masha Allen can sue the 14 jailed men, which includes her adoptive father

By Maryclaire Dale
Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA — A child pornography victim from Pennsylvania is using a law that carries her name to seek at least $150,000 each from her father and 13 other jailed men.

The 2006 "Masha's Law" is named for Masha Allen, a Russian orphan adopted at age 5 by divorced Pittsburgh millionaire Matthew Mancuso. He's in prison for making pornographic images of her that were widely distributed online.

The FBI sought the identity of the child known as the "Internet Girl" or "Disney World Girl" and located Masha in 2003, when she was 10.

She is now 20 and has changed her name to regain some measure of privacy after testifying in Congress. She filed the federal lawsuit Friday in Philadelphia under the name Jane Doe.

The Philadelphia Inquirer first reported on the case Tuesday.

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