Photo: Funniest police report ever?

The officer and the offender shared something in common: Pity for Blue Jays fans

By PoliceOne Staff

A Toronto cop’s arrest report about an unruly baseball fan has surfaced, and it's been dubbed ‘perhaps the best arrest report ever written.’

The officer who wrote the May 5 report describes the actions of a man named Joseph who ran across the field at Rogers Centre in Toronto during a Blue Jays baseball game against the Seattle Mariners.

The report is written humorously, sympathizing with the subject over the poor-performing Blue Jays, writing that the man’s antics “can only be described as an attempt to inject some kind of spark into our listless Jays, ran into the field ‘interrupting’ the game, giving Jays fans a brief respite from their season long agony.”

According to the blog The Score, the subject donated $1000 to Jays Care Foundation after the incident.  

(Toronto Police Image)

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