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Introducing the New "C" Series Restraints

Introducing the New "C" Series Restraints

New for fall 2013. Peerless® is pleased to introduce our improved “C” Series restraints. The C Series models incorporate a redesigned internal lock mechanism. The new lock design increases tamper resistance, gives a smoother ratcheting action and offers greater durability.

Where applicable all C Series models have been designed to meet or exceed the tough National Law Enforcement Technology Center (NLETC) – National Institute of Justice (NIJ) - Metallic Handcuff Standard - 0307.01. The following models have been inspected and certified by the NLETC as meeting NIJ Handcuff Standard - 0307.01:

Model 700C Chain Link Handcuff – Nickel Finish
Model 801C - Hinged Handcuff – Nickel Finish

The new C Series design will be integrated into all 700 and 800 series restraints. All C Series restraints will operate in the same way and use the same key as previous Peerless® models. All C Series restraints will be covered by our lifetime warranty for manufacture defects.

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