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Strap on survival equipment with the T.U.C. Rig

OfficerJulie Williams needed to carry more than her belt could hold, so she crafted a way to keep everything at hand — or foot

Business Name: T.U.C. Rig, LLC
Product: T.U.C. rig
Officer/ Department: Officer Julie Williams, Largo Police, 11 years
Website: http://www.tucrig.com

What is your signature product?
The Tactical Under Carry (T.U.C.) rig is an alternative strap used to carry survival equipment needed on duty, such as a tourniquet or extra knife.

Where did the idea come from?
As a former security police officer in the Air Force, I noticed soldiers always seem much better prepared in the field than police — which is crazy, because police tend to deal with some of the same dangers: active shooters, penetrating wounds — but we don’t carry tourniquets. Cops all say the same thing: We already have ten things on our belt; there’s no more room.

I thought, “There has to be a better way to carry extra equipment with us that doesn’t take up space on the belt or get in the way.”

How did that idea turn into a product?
Six years ago I sewed myself a rig using materials I had at home to carry an extra knife on me. I’m no Susie Homemaker, but I put a buckle on one end and it loops into itself.

When all the surrounding agencies were issued tourniquets, everyone thought, “Where are we going to put these?”  It happened to perfectly fit on the T.U.C. rig, right on the ankle.

How did you test it out?
I gave a bunch of rigs out to the guys on SWAT, and to friends who are medics and firefighters. It’s lightweight and can be worn on or off-duty.

How does it work?
The rig is made of hook and loop material, comparable to Velcro. One side of the rig has a label, which faces your boot or other part of your body. One end of the rig loops through the buckle at the other end and wraps onto itself. It’s universal in size, industrial strength to prevent ripping or fraying, and has a reinforced plastic buckle.

Where can it be purchased?
The T.U.C. rig is available on Amazon.com, Tucrig.com and the police supply store Signal 15 in Largo, Fla. It’s available in black or olive drab for $16.00 each. 

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