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New Tactical Electronics EOD Tool Kits Revealed at SHOT Show 2014

New Tactical Electronics EOD Tool Kits Revealed at SHOT Show 2014

BROKEN ARROW — Tactical Electronics will reveal a new line of EOD Tool Kits at SHOT Show, January 14-17th in Las Vegas, Nevada. The modular design of the EOD Tool Kits allow EOD operators or Bomb Technicians the ability to customize the configuration based on the scenario. The all-encompassing 2nd Line Tool Kit incorporates removable components, as well as provides room for additional equipment as required.

 The 2nd Line Tool Kit is comprised of 6 individual custom nylon kits that include all of the tools needed to perform render safe procedures. All six tool kits fit into the Mystery Ranch RATS Pack or the Mystery Ranch NICE Crewcab.
The 2nd Line EOD Tool Kit from Tactical Electronics includes:

1st Line Tool Kit
Immediate Action Pouch
Manual Access Kit
Bit Kit
Det Diagnostic Kit
Mystery Ranch RATS Pack or NICE Crewcab

 “Our team has carefully organized each component into custom nylon cases to ensure every EOD kit is compact, lightweight, and highly accessible,” Addie Ventris, Marketing Manager at Tactical Electronics, said. Tactical Electronics EOD Tool Kits are developed by EOD and Bomb Technicians. Each kit is comprised of hand selected tools that can be used to safely perform electronics diagnostics, defeat analog intrusion systems, and render safe suspected IEDs. 

Visit booth #7311 at SHOT Show to see the new EOD kits or visit www.tacticalelectronics.com.

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