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Save-A-Cop Tactical Casualty Care Training Course

Rescue Essentials, in cooperation with the Community College of Aurora Colorado is hosting the first annual Save-A-Cop Tactical Casualty Care training course. Taking place on the Lowry Campus in Aurora, Colorado, the zero-cost course is provided to fifty law enforcement officers from agencies across the Front Range of Colorado. The tactical casualty care course will be taught by a collection of national instructors that have donated their time and travel to train and educate on tactical emergency medicine. To ensure that the course remains free to the law enforcement officers being trained, key manufacturers in the tactical medicine marketplace have collaborated to offset other expenses.

The event will take place, beginning at 8:00 A.M. on February 24th, on the Lowry Campus of the Community College of Aurora. Address: 9235 E. 10th Drive Bldg 859, Room 911 Denver CO 80230

This tactical medical training event will feature state-of-the-art simulation mannequins that actually bleed and breathe. The training will test officers on skills learned throughout the day with real life scenarios. Over 100 role players, along with the mannequins, will present officers with simulated injuries, which they may encounter in an active shooter situation.

Further information about this event is available from Rescue Essentials company President, Phil Carey. 
Email: pcarey@rescue-essentials.com Phone: 719-539-4843.

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