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CMI, Inc.'s AlcoBlow® Zero Tolerance Alcohol Screener: A Hit at Every Dance!

While there are many reasons to use an AlcoBlow®, the best is the fact that it deters teenagers from drinking.

Schools around the country are preparing for homecoming, prom, graduation as well as other very special nights in the life of a teenager. Statistics show that some teens will plan to use alcohol at these events. Make sure your students are well aware of your school’s Zero Tolerance Policy. The AlcoBlow® is the zero tolerance alcohol screener of choice. It is an efficient and easy way to quickly check above a beverage or check a person’s breath for the presence of alcohol.

The AlcoBlow® is the perfect screener to test for alcohol use in a zero tolerance situation.

It can be used to:
• Test a subject’s breath
• Test for alcohol in liquids by placing the instrument in headspace and pressing passive button AlcoBlow® Features:
• Fuel cell sensor reacts only to alcohol
• Easy testing sequence
• Quick instrument recovery time allows for testing to be done on several people within a short time
• Two modes of operation - Active and Passive
• No mouthpieces needed CMI offers free 30 day field-test evaluations.

Now through May 31st, ENTER HERE to field test the most popular screener on the market.

Help your students make good choices, call CMI today 866-225-5264 x 4 or visit our website at www.alcholtest.com.

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