Patriot3 Flex Shield protects police in the line of fire

The USA-made Patriot3 Flex Shield protects police under fire

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By Mary Rose Roberts, Product Editor

Quantico, Va.-based Patriot3’s Flex Shield is the ideal shield for patrol, VIP protection, airport security, border patrol, harbor security, resource officers, and others working in law enforcement.

The USA-made, 11 pound Flex Shield is the lightest weight full size National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level 3A shield available on the market today. The Flex Shield also meets top industry standards for office protection, including MIL-STD 662F (V50) for 2g, 4g, 16g and 64g blast fragmentation and NIJ standard 0108.01, said James Agner, the company’s ballistic products production manager.

“The Patriot3 Flex Shield offers handgun protection up to .44 Magnum,” Agner said. “This level of ballistic protection generally is used by patrol officers and first responders.”

Although originally designed for border patrol, the shield quickly became popular within all sectors of law enforcement, security, and military as it is a convenient shield to carry and stow yet still able to be deployed in under 10 seconds, Agner said.

“It can be thrown across a windshield, over a window or car door, used horizontally, hand-held like traditional ballistic shields, and rolled up for storage,” he said.

Agner said the Flex Shield is a unique design made of ballistic fabrics that allows a full size (24-inch X 45-inch) ballistic shield to be extremely lightweight at only 11 pounds, flexible, and offer versatility including a rugged grab handle with numerous other handle placements throughout. It also can be used in rigid and non-rigid states in different situations.

“The Flex Shield is so versatile. It can be used in so many configurations and its benign appearance while being carried in its rolled state makes it very discreet,” he said. “Most people would not be aware that it is a ballistic shield.”

All ballistic materials used in Patriot3 products undergo extensive ballistic testing at a prominent U.S. testing laboratory to ensure they meet or exceed NIJ Standard requirements, Agner said. Patriot3 ballistic shields also endure rigorous field-testing by participating law-enforcement agencies and the highly regarded National Tactical Officers Program Member Tested Program.

Patriot3 is committed to assisting customers in their pursuit of locating and working through the application process of funding options and opportunities to purchase Flex Shields for their agency. As a result, Patriot3’s new Grant Consulting Service is free to agencies seeking assistance.

Patriot3’s Grant Consulting Service provides assistance with understanding funding options and opportunities; locating funding options and opportunities; understanding what information is needed for grant applications; obtaining research data needed for grant applications; and reviewing grant applications prior to submission.

In addition, to ensure Patriot3 continues doing their part to get a ballistic shield in the hands of every responder, they recently reduced the price point of the Flex Shield from $1,495 to $995. 

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