Orange County Florida Deputy Struck by Vehicle, Dies

Officer Down: James Weaver - [Orlando, Florida]

11/25/2003 12:18:26 PM

(Orlando-AP) -- An Orange County deputy sheriff struck by a car while assisting at an accident has died.

Deputy James Weaver died at Orlando Regional Medical Center last night. He died a day after he was struck while responding to a call involving an overturned truck.

The car was driven by Ratree Bishop of Orlando. The Highway Patrol says many factors may have played a part in the accident.

Investigators say Weaver, who was wearing a dark green uniform on a dark night, had his back to Bishop as she approached. Also, five squad cars and a fire truck had their lights flashing, perhaps causing a distraction.

Weaver, who suffered internal injuries, was thrown about 25 feet. Bishop's estimated speed was about 30 miles an hour in a 45-mile-an-hour zone, Miller said.

Bishop will NOT be charged with any criminal offense. But troopers say a traffic citation remains a possibility.

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