Ga. State Trooper Killed in Police Chase

Officer Down: Tony Lumley - [Atlanta, Georgia]

The Associated Press

ATLANTA (AP) -- A Georgia State Patrol trooper died Tuesday after his patrol car veered off the road while chasing a suspect.

The patrolman, Tony Lumley, 36, was working in Spalding County on Monday night when he was called to help in the chase of a driver fleeing from Clayton County. The driver was suspected of armed robbery and carjacking.

Bramley joined the pursuit on Ga. 16, where "the patrol car and the suspect vehicle collided in some manner," said State Patrol spokesman Gordy Wright.

After the cars hit, both flew off the road in opposite directions. The trooper's vehicle went down an embankment, overturned and came to rest against a steep bank.

"We're still putting together the events of what happened," Wright said. "He had multiple injuries, the most serious being head injuries."

Lumley died Tuesday morning at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

The suspect also was hospitalized but with less severe injuries. He wasn't identified by authorities.

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