Officer Struck, Killed By Train

Officer Down: Arthur J. Dobson III - [Dover , New Jersey]

Police Officer Arthur J. Dobson III of the Dover, New Jersey Police Department was lost Line Of Duty on 12/31/03.
It was the first LOD Death for the small Department since 1938.
PO Dobbs was called to a brush fire along the side of some railroad tracks.
He was by the tracks alerting other Members and directing Firefighters when he was stuck by a passing train.
At this time a viewing is scheduled for Friday 01/01/04 from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Tuttle Funeral Home in Randolph, NJ.

Law Enforcement personnel prepare for a violent death at the hands of perpetrators by being proficient with defensive weapons, wearing bullet resistant vests and staying in shape. The unfortunate fact is that many if not most are killed in accidents of all types.
Any Patrol Post or assignment can be dangerous... Keep an eye on traffic. Know where your partner is. Know where you are standing.. Is there any potential that you could be struck or possibly slip and fall into harm's way? ( Last year a NJ State Trooper slipped off a tollbooth area and under a tractor trailer)

Stay alert....

God Bless the Dover Police Department and the friends and family of PO Dobson........

From Mike DePalma, NYPD
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