Suburban Ill. Officer Taken Hostage, Killed

Officer Down: William Rolniak - [Riverdale, Illinois]

Suburban Ill. Officer Taken Hostage, Killed The Associated Press

RIVERDALE, Ill. (AP) -- A detective was killed after being taken hostage in the police station by a suspect who was then shot dead by other officers, according to authorities.

Detective William Rolniak was transferring Adrian Humes from an interview room to the lockup area of the Riverdale Police Department Wednesday night when Humes grabbed Rolniak's service weapon and took him hostage, authorities said Thursday.

Humes, 27, of Chicago, had been arrested on charges of home invasion, kidnapping and attempted first-degree murder in a case involving his ex-girlfriend.

He wasn't handcuffed during the transfer because he had been cooperative and "was not posing any threat at that point," Police Chief David Shilling said during a news conference in this suburb about 15 miles south of Chicago.

Humes forced Rolniak, 39, outside and behind a building across the street from the police station, where he allegedly shot and killed the detective, Shilling said.

He then shot a man who refused to give up his car, authorities said. The man was hospitalized in stable condition Thursday, officials said.

Humes tried to stop two other cars, but was unsuccessful, and was pursued by three Riverdale police officers who ordered him to drop his weapon, authorities said. Instead, police said he aimed the gun at the police officers, who shot him. Humes died at the scene.

Rolniak was a 14-year veteran of the department who lived in Lowell, Ind., with his wife and two teenage daughters, authorities said.

"Detective Rolniak is a true hero," Shilling said. "He paid the ultimate price for service to his community."

The Illinois State Police is investigating the case because it included an officer-involved shooting. Shilling said his department is also reviewing its policies for transferring suspects.

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