Second Detroit Police Officer Dies After Shooting

Officer Down: Officer Jennifer Fettig - [Detroit, Michigan]


4th Precinct Officers Shot During Traffic Stop

A second Detroit police officer has died after a shooting during a traffic stop Monday morning.

Officer Jennifer Fettig, 26, died at Henry Ford Hospital Monday afternoon after she suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

Officer Matt Bowens, 21, was pronounced dead earlier.

The U.S. flag outside the 4th Precinct in Detroit, where both police officers worked, was at half-staff Monday.

Bowens joined the Detroit police force in December 2000. Police officials told Local 4 that he was living out his childhood dream.

"I heard a lot of stories about Officer Bowens … who was someone who loved his job and always wanted to be an officer," said Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. "I just say that we as a city, in a time like this, understand how important these everyday heroes are."

Investigators do not know if the Detroit officers were able to return fire. A total of 22 gunshots were fired, the station reported.

Bowens, who lived in Lincoln Park, was the 10th officer from the 4th Precinct killed in the line of duty.

Fettig, the 11th officer from the 4th Precinct killed in the line of duty, is from Petoskey and was engaged to be married. She was sworn as a police officer in 2001.

Police say the last shooting death of an officer was in August 2002, when Officer Scott Stewart, 31, was shot and killed while investigating an outdoor gambling party on Detroit's east side.

Police Arrest, Question Suspect In Shooting

A man is in custody in connection with Monday's shootings.

"I opened my door and I was fired on, and I immediately just fell to the floor and kicked the door shut," an unidentified witness said.

The witness said when police arrived at the scene, she noticed someone in the street.

"I said, 'Oh my God, it's an officer,' and then I looked down the street and there was another one. I just couldn't believe it," the witness said.

A manhunt was under way for Eric Lee Marshall (pictured, left), the station reported. He was wanted on a misdemeanor narcotics charge and is now expected to face murder charges.

Local 4 reported Marshall was arrested and taken into custody around 8:30 a.m. near his home (pictured, right) in the area of Sussex and Seven Mile Road.

Police say Marshall was walking in an alley toward the home when he was met by members of the violent crimes taskforce.

Marshall's 1989 GMC Sierra pickup truck was reportedly found nearby.

His brother, Aaron Lee Marshall, was also taken in for questioning, the station reported. Detroit's police chief said Aaron Lee Marshall has been released, but that Eric Lee Marshall has made some "admissions" in the crime investigation.

Police are reportedly reviewing surveillance video from the patrol car in their investigation.

They're also searching Marshall's home and the area surrounding it for the alleged murder weapon.

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