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Peerless Handcuff Company Announces the CUFFCLIP™

CUFFCLIP™ from Peerless Peerless Handcuff Company introduces the CUFFCLIP™, a new product to take away the hassle of carrying multiple sets of handcuffs. CUFFCLIP™ is a convenient, efficient and safe way to carry as many as 12 pairs of handcuffs. Invented by a law enforcement veteran, the patented CUFFCLIP™ is designed to be worn with a standard size 2.25 in duty belt. The simple but durable device consists of a heavy duty stainless steel main spring welded to a pair of belt loops. Handcuffs are easily carried. They can be quickly and efficiently managed with one hand while removing the chance of a prisoner gaining access to unused sets.

Be sure to visit Peerless Handcuff Company's booth at this year's IACP show in Los Angeles to test out the CUFFCLIP™

For more information about CUFFCLIP™, call Peerless Handcuff Company at 800-732-3705 or visit www.peerless.net.

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