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Wounded army ranger hero

Tacoma PD Officer Matt Watters graduated with 30 of his classmates from the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commissions', Basic Law Enforcement Academy on January 20th in Burien, Washington.

Just seventeen months ago he was an Army Ranger serving in Iraq. During an attack, a rocket-propelled grenade severed his lower left leg just below the knee. Despite grievous injury and excruciating pain he fought back, firing 29 rounds at his attacker before his rifle jammed, his squad finished the job by killing his attacker.

After rehabilitation and being fitted with a prosthetic leg the 25-year old wanted to continue serving his country in uniform, so he applied for and was accepted by the Tacoma PD.

Over 30 of his Army Ranger buddies were there to cheer him, as was his father Rob, retired LAPD, son Owen and daughter Zoe. His wife Lindsay proudly pinned his badge on his chest.

Tacoma Police Chief Don Ramsdell presented Matt with his diploma and stated, "He is a very special young man, with an unbreakable spirit and will be a tremendous police officer."

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