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Safety Vision Announces Acquisition of OPV and Entry into Police Video Market

Houston, TX - Safety Vision is pleased to announce its acquisition of On Patrol Video (OPV) and its consequent full-bore entry into the law enforcement mobile video industry. OPV—out of Ontario, OH—has been a premiere provider of in-car police video systems for about 15 years. In roughly the same time span, Safety Vision has grown from a one-man operation to an industry leader, today presiding as the foremost manufacturer and distributor of mobile vision and surveillance systems in North America.

"Together, the two companies are a logical fit," explains Safety Vision President & CEO Bruce Smith. "It was only a matter of time before we entered this market, full force. We had earlier dealings in law enforcement bolstered by a solid standing in other public-service industries, most notably in fire rescue and various arms of the government. OPV's excellence in its field, coupled with Safety Vision's longstanding industry expertise, creates a unified organization of unmatched breadth and professionalism in the mobile vision marketplace. And I'm excited that we're adding a new product line and serving a new market sector that will deter crime, reduce fraudulent claims against police departments, and—ultimately—save lives. These are important products we're dealing with! I envision great things, and I think clients new and old will share in my enthusiasm."

The OPV mobile video systems consist primarily of a windshield-mounted camera and monitor and a video recorder. The recorders are housed in either a trunk-mounted vault or in a fully contained overhead console. Says Rex Colorado, Safety Vision's Vice President of Sales and Senior Product Planner, "We see a tongue-in-groove fit between our existing product line and OPV's systems. I can name several common attributes: sophisticated yet user-friendly components; patented technologies; dependable, rugged construction; easy installation. Because of this close match-up of product lines—plus a similarity in preexisting corporate cultures that includes a commitment to serving the client quickly while serving the client well—we saw this as a synergistic opportunity that we just couldn't refuse."

Account Executive Richard Newcombe will be helming Safety Vision’s entry into the police video market. “I am completely energized by this new opportunity,” says Newcombe. “The potential for growth is awesome.” Adds Smith, “Richard is the man for the job. He has related security experience in the armored car industry, and chief among his professional talents is his drive. I’m looking forward to seeing where Richard takes us.”

Safety Vision is the largest manufacturer and distributor of mobile vision and surveillance equipment in North America. Contact 1.800.880.8855 or visit www.safetyvision.com.

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