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Police were involved in the fatal March 25 shooting after a 40-minute standoff in which the armed suspect held a gun to his head. (ABQ Journal Image) Body cam
Every available sworn member of the Sacramento Police Department - including the chief and members of special task forces - will be patrolling the streets. (CBS Image) "All hands on" policy
Dave Smith shows a video that recently surfaced of a Philadelphia Transit officer in a violent confrontation with a suspect as a crowd grows around them. (PoliceOne Image) Watch the video
An Arlington Kroger store manager lost his job for not properly following protocol when a man armed with a knife approached his store. (Fox4 Image) Caught on camera
A severely burned man was hysterical the moment he met the two officers who rescued him from his blazing vehicle, thanking them from his hospital bed. (Kare11 Image) Saved his life

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Why teaching cops 'trigger reset' could cause problems on the street Train for the worst conditions and lowest performing shooters. Full Story

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