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Police survey the scene of a fatal shootout between a man and police in Margate, Fla., Wednesday. A man in his early 50s was shot to death by police early Wednesday after a 35-mile, bullet-riddled two-county chase that reached speeds of 100 mph. Visit the Suspect pursuit section (AP Photo/Paul Kizzle)
Two Capitol officers block a road as members of the police Hazardous Materials Response Team wearing protective suits walk through a decontamination station outside of the Senate's Dirksen Office Building, Monday. Police closed off entries and exits to Dirksen late Monday and announced that people should avoid a sub-basement level where a subway connects the building to the Capitol. Go to the P1 Terrorism section (AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)
Capitol police officers speak to participants as they assemble for an immigration rally in front of the state Capitol in Atlanta, Monday. Go to the P1 Media Relations section (AP Photo/Ric Feld)
A N.J. police boat cruises past several chemical plants on the Hackensack River Wednesday. Go to the P1 Terrorism Section (AP Photo/Mike Derer)
Northeastern District Commander Major Antonio Rodriguez briefs reporters upon the conclusion of a hostage situation at the Northeast Police District station in Baltimore Thursday. A drug suspect brought to a police station for questioning overpowered an officer and took a clerk hostage for hours Thursday before letting her go and surrendering. (AP Photo/Will Kirk)

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How 'Wild Bill' Hickok became a police legend When “Wild Bill” left law enforcement, he exhibited symptoms of what was referred to in those days as “Warrior’s Heart” — now called PTSD. Full Story

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