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Lt. Angelo Andriani, right, an officer in the Hoboken (NJ) PD, looks on during a news conference in Clifton, N.J., Wednesday, to announce that Andriani is counter suing five Hoboken police officers who sued him charging misconduct and harassment.(AP Photo/Mike Derer) Full story
While on routine patrol, Kansas City (Mo.) police were caught in the middle of a gang gun battle. Despite multiple shots, no one was hurt and the two suspects were arrested. Watch News Report
Prisoner Kelvin Polk disarmed two corrections officers and escaped from this Md. hospital Weds., the second such escape in 2 months. Officials are now reviewing inmate handling outside prison walls to prevent future escapes. (AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari) Full Story
Beijing police have begun scouring subway stations with K-9s trained to locate explosives in an effort to prepare the dogs for work during the upcoming August Olympics. Full Story
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