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No arrests have been made and authorities are seeking an unknown number of suspects. (AP Image)
The Chippewa Falls PD’s forward-thinking strategy to serve their city and connect with the people who call it home makes them a deserving candidate for the TASER | Axon and PoliceOne RISE Agency of the Year Award.
The gunman whose rampage at a Munich mall left nine people dead was a depression-plagued teenager who avidly read books and articles about mass killings. (AP Image)
All trains, trams, buses and subways in the city have been shut down during the police operation, and police have urged residents to stay indoors. (AP Image)
The shooter wrote about a "concealed war" between "good cops" and "bad cops," and said he felt obligated to "bring the same destruction that bad cops continue to inflict upon my people." (AP Image)

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