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The Administration topic on PoliceOne covers everything from clerical behind-the-scenes tasks to departmental changes in policy. We offer strategies and tactics that have helped Chiefs and Sheriffs in agencies of any size to secure grants, assure that their trainers are top-notch, and recruit the best young officers to join their ranks.
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September 23, 2013

State police, Nat. Guard may aid Chicago violence

Gov. Quinn said he was open to the idea, pending state police's full cooperation - Full Story
September 19, 2013

Dept. bans shooting range euthanizing, absorbs vet bills

Merced police changed their controversial policy for handling severely injured animals, which was to put them down by gunfire - Full Story
September 17, 2013

High OT bill leads Conn. agency to re-evaluate hiring

At issue are things including retirement rates, staffing minimums and shortages, and recruitment strategies/sources - Full Story
September 13, 2013

Miami approved to hire 100 more officers

Meanwhile, dozens of officers and their families called for the restoration of salary and benefits - Full Story
September 12, 2013

Police unions join fight against NYPD monitor

They took steps to appeal federal judge's decision on the department's stop and frisk policy, asking court to intervene - Full Story
September 10, 2013

$500M in 'Google money' helps fund RI police

The agencies are entitled to the money because they helped a federal investigation into Google's distribution of ads for illegal prescription drug sales - Full Story
September 05, 2013
9 dead in NJ city crime wave, boosting patrol

9 dead in NJ city crime wave, boosting patrol

The city will extend a summer deployment of increased police patrols in troubled neighborhoods, boost police overtime - Full Story
September 05, 2013

NY judge: Justice expert to lead stop-frisk review

He and another monitor will create guidelines for the stop-and-frisk program based on input from town hall-style meetings in selected communities - Full Story
September 03, 2013

Bike cop tired of being 'doored' looks to policy change

Since 2012, cars opening doors and hitting cyclists are no longer considered collisions and aren't counted - Full Story
September 01, 2013

St. Louis takes control of PD from the state

The team is ready for the transition and city residents can expect no changes in patrols or staffing - Full Story

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