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The Administration topic on PoliceOne covers everything from clerical behind-the-scenes tasks to departmental changes in policy. We offer strategies and tactics that have helped Chiefs and Sheriffs in agencies of any size to secure grants, assure that their trainers are top-notch, and recruit the best young officers to join their ranks.
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April 21, 2011

ACLU questions Mich. police cell-phone scans

There has been no indication that Michigan Police have ever used these devices in any way that violates civil rights - Full Story
April 20, 2011

Video: Utah mayor takes on police dog

The city's police force, which has no dogs, wants the Council to pay for two K-9s, so they had the mayor dress in a bite suit for a demonstration - Full Story
April 17, 2011

Police staffing heats up Dallas mayoral race

One candidate says if the department shrinks a little, the gap can be bridged by overtime - Full Story
April 15, 2011

PDs hurt by federal budget agreement

Public safety staffing and hiring grants are among the areas affected in the cuts, with one program losing $52 million - Full Story
April 15, 2011

What do you think of this Idaho town's new OIS protocol?

The point of the exercise was to assure the public that officers were conducting a thorough and fair investigation - Full Story
April 13, 2011

Black officers in Calif. allege racism, threaten suit

Requesting the city investigate disciplinary actions, pay, promotions and the general treatment of black officers versus white officers - Full Story
April 09, 2011
Ohio cops to pay $5 per hour for off-duty jobs

Ohio cops to pay $5 per hour for off-duty jobs

The president of the national Fraternal Order of Police says the plan sounds "almost like extortion" - Full Story
April 06, 2011

New pay mode pitched for Texas deputies

Commissioners are expected to vote next week on the proposal, which officials hope will save at least $2.8 million - Full Story
April 04, 2011

'Crash tax' and other public safety fees target out-of-towners

The fee is one of many revenue-raising ideas being considered by cities nationwide dealing with budget problems - Full Story
April 03, 2011

Calif. town to outsource police duties

2-member police department closed; town will outsource to neighboring towns or the county sheriff - Full Story

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