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The Administration topic on PoliceOne covers everything from clerical behind-the-scenes tasks to departmental changes in policy. We offer strategies and tactics that have helped Chiefs and Sheriffs in agencies of any size to secure grants, assure that their trainers are top-notch, and recruit the best young officers to join their ranks.
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Budget knife falls on police training

Departments aren't just cutting back on the number of officers; they're also eliminating basic training programs - Full Story


Tracking your agency's gear Tim Dees - Police Tech & Gear

Tracking your agency's gear

Dynamic Systems offers a barcode-based tracking system called Checkmate that is both low-cost and easy to administer - Full Story


Chicago eliminates controversial post-shooting statements

Critics say the conclusion of the statements almost always determined that the shooting was justified - Full Story


Pa. State Police says bulletins caused headaches

Gov. Ed Rendell has publicly apologized for monitoring that included reporting on the activities of political activists and others - Full Story


Redesign of Atlanta PD quickens call response

The police budget includes 12 new vehicles, 60 additional officers, and more beats throughout the city's six police zones - Full Story


Detroit interim police chief's job made permanent

Detroit interim police chief's job made permanent

After a 60-day search the city's mayor has decided to appoint Chief Ralph Godbee as Detroit's permanent police chief - Full Story


ACLU sues over NJ accused rogue officers

The union says it is seeking unspecified monetary damages and "systemic reforms" of the management of the Police Department to prevent similar problems in the future - Full Story


Hidden camera in Pa. police station stuns chief

The camera had been installed in the station on Summit Street unbeknownst to most Darby cops, including Chief Bob Smythe - Full Story


Top Chicago cop rips his critics, defends role

Police Supt. Jody Weis wants no part of "business as usual" - Full Story


Feds aim civil rights probe at Calif. town

Suburban town outside of Los Angeles is already embroiled in scandal over salaries - Full Story

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