Video: Woman jumps from bridge, cops hang on

When the woman let go of the rail in a possible attempt at suicide, the cops hung on and pulled her back over the railing

By PoliceOne Staff

AKRON, Ohio — Officers in Ohio are being praised as heroes after saving a woman who tried to jump off a bridge to her death.

When cops arrived at the Y-Bridge, the 26-year-old woman was already kneeling outside the railing, prepared to plunge to her death. After speaking with her for a few minutes, one of the officers asked if he could take her hand. She agreed, and within moments, several officers were around her, grabbing hold.

That’s when she let go of the rail in a possible attempt at suicide. But the officers hung on and pulled her over the railing to safety.

The video below pretty much sums of the story when they say that “her angels in waiting were wearing badges with the Akron Police Department.”

Watch the dash-cam footage below.

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