Video: ACLU approves new force option for police

The WRSS weapon system minimizes the injury to the misunderstood and oppressed-by-the-man criminal

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Diane Lambheart — public relations officer, for the ACLU — announced today, “The ACLU recognizes the need for law enforcement officers to defend themselves against deadly threats. We have extensively tested the WRSS weapon system and found a weapon that can be used by law enforcement to bring to a conclusion deadly situations in a manner that the ACLU can live with .We would like to propose that all firearms in law enforcement be replaced by the WRSS Weapon System.”

Lambheart stressed the positive aspects of the WRSS Weapon system:

1.) Fires Green Ammunition.
2.) All calibers of existing ammunition can be launched from this platform.
3.) It is kind of Accurate.
4.) Minimizes the injury to the misunderstood and oppressed-by-the-man criminal.
5.) Fires without making the scary “bang” noise.
6.) Inflicts a “boo boo” instead of a deadly wound.

I decided to keep an open mind and obtained a WWSS weapon system and fired it. Play the video to view the test firing of this weapon system.

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