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Police Humor

Police Humor

There is nothing quite like a cop's sense of humor. The Police Humor topic page offers all manner of cop humor — from funny police videos to weird police news and even police jokes — that we hope will bring a smile to your face and a chuckle to your voice. We’re proving that the phrase "You can't make this stuff up" is actually untrue. We can make this stuff up, and we hope you get a good laugh from the effort.
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Philly police talk tough about Star Wars spoilers

A photo posted on the department's Facebook page shows two storm troopers seemingly getting arrested - Full Story


P1 Photo of the Week: Donut date PoliceOne Members - Photo of the Week

P1 Photo of the Week: Donut date

(PoliceOne Image) Murrieta (Calif.) Police Chief Sean Hadden and Captains Dennis Vrooman and Rob Firmes anxiousl... - Full Story


Video: Star Wars characters pulled over by Texas police

Officer were surprised to see the famous movie characters jump out of the vehicle - Full Story


When 'Star Wars' inspires bizarre police encounters

Take a look at these five times cops faced off with the Galactic Empire - Full Story


Top 5 police dance videos of 2015

By PoliceOne Staff This year featured several officers who garnered high praise on social media from... - Full Story


Larryville Blue: Backseat Lawyer Les Lethal - Larryville Blue

Larryville Blue: Backseat Lawyer

See all of Les Lethal's comics, here! ... - Full Story


Agent Moeller: Jackpot! Mike Moeller - Agent Moeller

Agent Moeller: Jackpot!

See all of Agent Moeller's comics, here! ... - Full Story


P1 Photo of the Week: Couch Po-po PoliceOne Members - Photo of the Week

P1 Photo of the Week: Couch Po-po

(PoliceOne Image) Travis County (Texas) Sheriff's Office deputies were running traffic when the... - Full Story


Texas police interview Darth Vader

Fort Worth police sit down with the 'Dark Lord.'


La. police return shopping carts strewn throughout the city

The Slidell Police Department has a unique way to return missing shopping carts.

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