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Police Humor

Police Humor

There is nothing quite like a cop's sense of humor. The Police Humor topic page offers all manner of cop humor — from funny police videos to weird police news and even police jokes — that we hope will bring a smile to your face and a chuckle to your voice. We’re proving that the phrase "You can't make this stuff up" is actually untrue. We can make this stuff up, and we hope you get a good laugh from the effort.
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Ohio man who threatened police holds 'idiot' sign

Richard Dameron, 58, will stand outside a police station for 3 hours a day this week with the apology sign - Full Story


Cops: NY robber fell 21 floors down garbage chute

Robin Gutheridge robbed a bank and was fleeing police when a maintenance worker heard him calling for help in the chute - Full Story


Top 5 police videos of August

By PoliceOne Staff In August, we saw everything from dancing DUI suspects to heroic rescues to bizarre... - Full Story


Fleeing robbery suspect trips on own saggy pants

His droopy blue jeans — so which left his boxer shorts exposed — kept slipping down as he ran - Full Story


7 biggest 'bad guy' fails caught on camera

We'd like to thank karma, gravity, and security cameras for making this collection possible - Full Story


Hilarious fugitive prank

As a man argues with a friend over turning himself in to the police, various reactions are filmed.


Traffic controller dancing at work

A traffic controller busts a move while directing vehicles.


Police dance off

Police start an impromptu dance competition at the Notting Hill Carnival in West London.


Hilarious failed robbery attempt

A man is thrown from a window during a robbery attempt in Brazil.


Facebook 'Likes' leads to surf riot suspect's arrest

The suspect, proud of his actions, 'liked' the Huntington Beach Police Department's picture #15 and shared it with friends - Full Story

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