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Police Jobs and Careers

Police Jobs and Careers

The Police Careers and Advancement topic page offers expert advice for officers to follow that can enable a steady rise through the ranks. From the day they enter the academy to the day they “pull the pin” the path is strewn with career-killing pitfalls, so visit this page often for a freshly updated roadmap to success.
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July 10, 2015

Why Texas police top the list of overtime earners

U.S. Labor Department confirmed its Wage and Hour Division is investigating the Austin Police Department - Full Story
July 09, 2015

Looted Ferguson store to be transformed into training center

Center will give young jobless or underemployed men a month's training before matching them with area jobs - Full Story
July 08, 2015
NM police chief claims she was fired because she's a lesbian

NM police chief claims she was fired because she's a lesbian

Chief was given no explanation for her termination despite a work history of favorable job performance ratings - Full Story
July 08, 2015

More cops walk US beats as cities emerge from riots, recession

7 out of 10 cities in the US are increasing their spending on public safety - Full Story
June 29, 2015

Bills seek to increase pensions for some retired Mich. troopers

Bills address an inequity for troopers who retired before Oct. 1, 1986 but don't qualify for Social Security benefits - Full Story
June 25, 2015

Ferguson police chief tries to create more diverse force

Trying to become more diverse despite the St. Louis suburb's battered image and regional competition from better-paying police agencies - Full Story
June 23, 2015
NY to hire 1,300 cops as part of $78.5B budget

NY to hire 1,300 cops as part of $78.5B budget

The new officers, who were announced amid a headline-grabbing surge in crime in certain neighborhoods, will cost the city $170 million - Full Story
June 18, 2015

Ohio House approves change in requirements to become cop

Some changes include boosting hour requirements and a high school diploma - Full Story
June 12, 2015

Advocates aim to extend benefits for 9/11 first responders

Advocates for ailing Sept. 11 first responders urged Congress on Thursday to permanently extend a law providing medical monitoring and treatment - Full Story

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