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Police Jobs and Careers

Police Jobs and Careers

The Police Careers and Advancement topic page offers expert advice for officers to follow that can enable a steady rise through the ranks. From the day they enter the academy to the day they “pull the pin” the path is strewn with career-killing pitfalls, so visit this page often for a freshly updated roadmap to success.
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April 22, 2011

SF mayor wants pension reform, not cop cuts

He says pensions account for one-third of the deficit, so to it must be done to avoid cutting 171 San Francisco cops - Full Story
April 17, 2011

Ohio city to toss exam scores to add diversity

Dayton plans to discard test scores of 748 people who passed its recruit exam and instead base hiring on oral interviews - Full Story
April 17, 2011

Police staffing heats up Dallas mayoral race

One candidate says if the department shrinks a little, the gap can be bridged by overtime - Full Story
April 13, 2011

40 apply to be Chicago's next top cop

Many of the candidates are members of the Chicago Police Department, while others lead other large organizations - Full Story
April 09, 2011
Ohio cops to pay $5 per hour for off-duty jobs

Ohio cops to pay $5 per hour for off-duty jobs

The president of the national Fraternal Order of Police says the plan sounds "almost like extortion" - Full Story
April 06, 2011

New pay mode pitched for Texas deputies

Commissioners are expected to vote next week on the proposal, which officials hope will save at least $2.8 million - Full Story
April 02, 2011

Ohio limits union power; cops included

It bans strikes and prohibits unions from negotiating benefits for public workers, including police and firefighters - Full Story
March 31, 2011

Ga. county to add 'special' tax to fund police

By April Hunt The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionInfighting between DeKalb's commissioners and its CEO prompted... - Full Story
March 29, 2011

W.Va. city lifts hiring freeze for PD

The Charleston Police Department has been given authorization to bring its number of officers to 173 - Full Story
March 29, 2011

Trial of Texas officer accused of sexual assault moved to June

By Aaron Bracamontes The El Paso Times The trial of an El Paso Police Department officer accused of sexual... - Full Story

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