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Police Jobs and Careers

Police Jobs and Careers

The Police Careers and Advancement topic page offers expert advice for officers to follow that can enable a steady rise through the ranks. From the day they enter the academy to the day they “pull the pin” the path is strewn with career-killing pitfalls, so visit this page often for a freshly updated roadmap to success.
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July 03, 2011

Part-time cops in Ill. will reduce overtime

In an effort to reduce nearly $500,000 in police overtime costs, Ill. town got the OK for part-time officers - Full Story
July 02, 2011

Deferring raises may ward off Calif. police layoffs

An offer by the city of Corona would save Corona $2.8 million and prevent 15 layoffs - Full Story
June 30, 2011

Judge rules for Wyo. sheriff's dept. in wrongful firing suit

A different judge had previously ruled in favor of the sheriff fired - Full Story
June 29, 2011

Rookie Texas cop saves 1-year-old's life

A girl choking on a barrette was saved by an officer on day 3 of the job - Full Story
June 28, 2011

More minority officers sought in N.C. towns

Law enforcement leaders in small N.C. towns say they have an uphill climb in attracting minority officers - Full Story
June 28, 2011

Philly officer: Not the Terminator, just a cop

Career path and reflections of Christopher Binns - Full Story
June 27, 2011

State of emergency in Penn. shows need for more cops

Weeklong shootings led to more law enforcement but adding full-time officers expensive - Full Story
June 16, 2011

EMT says layoff due to her ex-cop husband

Wife of ex-police chief says politics behind termination - Full Story
June 13, 2011

Chicago mayor sends cops to the streets

150 police officers added to neighborhood patrols despite budget woes - Full Story
June 10, 2011

Union leaders call LAPD warning a 'ploy'

L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck says dept. would be forced to lay off cops - Full Story

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