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Police Jobs and Careers

Police Jobs and Careers

The Police Careers and Advancement topic page offers expert advice for officers to follow that can enable a steady rise through the ranks. From the day they enter the academy to the day they “pull the pin” the path is strewn with career-killing pitfalls, so visit this page often for a freshly updated roadmap to success.
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March 06, 2011

Video: Syracuse PD's $6,500 Super Bowl commercial

It cost an additional $3,500 to make the ad, which featured original music - Full Story
March 03, 2011

Crime up in Camden since massive layoffs

New Jersey's most crime-ridden city has become even worse since nearly half the police force was laid off - Full Story
March 02, 2011

SF captains unhappy at not getting interviews for chief position

"We can only interview so many people," said the president of the police commission. "This isn't a popularity contest" - Full Story
February 25, 2011

30 laid-off NJ cops may be reinstated

A new $224 million budget includes slightly more than $2 million to rehire 30 police officers at a salary of $67,605 each - Full Story
February 22, 2011

Gangster rapper who claimed brutality joins department he once sued

Roberto Acevedo Jr. (aka Young Reek) now patrols the streets he once rapped about for the department he once sued - Full Story
February 21, 2011

Law enforcement union members 'at each other's throats' over Wis. budget plan

Gov. Scott Walker exempted the State Patrol and its inspectors from the bill, but UW and Capitol police, among others in the WLEA, would lose their collective bargaining rights if the budget repair bill passes - Full Story
February 17, 2011

Battle heats up over Wis. budget; LEO unions 'exempt'?

By Mary Spicuzza and Clay Barbour Wisconsin State JournalMADISON, Wis. — Republican lawmakers were... - Full Story
February 17, 2011

Calif. city warns of 349 officer layoff

It would slash close to a quarter of San Jose's public safety employees - Full Story
February 15, 2011

Wis. public safety employees 'exempt' from proposed union restrictions?

By Dean Mosiman Wisconsin State JournalMadison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz is considering calling an emergency... - Full Story
February 10, 2011

NY cops, firefighters fight for $12,000 payment

Mayor wants to halt annual payments given to retired cops and firefighters on top of their regular pensions - Full Story

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