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February 27, 2013

Kansas Army National Guard

Position Title: Kansas Army National Guard
Position Type: Civilian
Closing Date: 1/1/2020
Job Description

Have you ever dreamed of serving your country? Maybe you are a veteran and a police officer, but looking to reconnect with the military while at the same time continuing your career as an LEO. As a police officer, you are a symbol of strength and stability in the face of a crisis. You are exactly the type of individual the National Guard is seeking.

Do you want to get paid while you go to college, as well as get your college paid for? Do you have student loan debt? Are you looking for something different, some adventure, a break from the norm? Are you interested in the opportunity of a lifetime? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Kansas Army National Guard is for you! Opportunities available in the Kansas Army National Guard are limitless.

We have every job that the civilian sector has, plus some that are not available due to their combat/tactical nature. These include:

-Military Police


-Truck Drivers

-IT professionals


-Administrative Professionals

-Tanks, Artillery, Infantry


And many more! In the Kansas Army National Guard, you will be challenged, but your team will support you every step of the way, and at the end of the road, you will feel the pride in your accomplishments. The Kansas Army National Guard can greatly assist you in purusuing your goals, no matter what they may be. The first step in the process is to contact me to see exactly what may be available to you. To learn more, call:

SSG James Elam




Pay no attention to the salaries. It is dependent upon rank and time in service. Just FYI

Job Requirements
  • Age Depndent on Circumstances
  • Education GED/High School Diploma
  • Experience None Required
  • Salary Information
    Entry Level Salary: $10000   annual
    Academy Graduate: $20000   annual
    Lateral: $20000   annual
    Top Pay: $100000   annual

    Contact Information

    James Elam
    Kansas Army National Guard
    100 S 20th Street
    Kansas City, Kansas 66102
    ph: (913)621-2134