Deputy Sheriff Job - Polk County Sheriff's Office - Winter Haven, Florida

January 06, 2014

Polk County Sheriff's Office

Position Title: Deputy Sheriff
Position Type: Sheriff
Closing Date: 12/31/2014
Job Description

A deputy sheriff in this position is required to meet the primary duties of the pursuit, apprehension and arrest of law violators or suspected law violators and maintain same apprehension of suspects, inmates/prisoners or trustees during transportation. The Deputy Sheriff performs a variety of duties and tasks related to the protection of life, limb and property.

The most important and essential job function of the position is attitude which includes the following: interacting positively and cooperating with co-workers, responding politely to customers, working as a team member, functioning under intense time pressure and responding in a positive manner to supervision.

The Deputy Sheriff may perform other related duties and tasks, as required and shall have the physical, mental and emotional abilities to perform the essential job duties of the position.

Job Requirements
  • Age : 19
  • Education : High School or GED
  • Experience : Prior law enforcement but not mandatory
  • Additional Requirement :

    • Work may involve rotating 12 hour shifts
    • Physical acts requiring strength and endurance may be required
    • Works during inclement weather
    • Involves exposure to dangerous and sometimes life threatening situations, events or persons
    • Works under extreme varying degrees of stress
    • Subject to call 24 hours a day
    • Some exposure to morbid crime scenes involving the human body
    • Works with a firearm and other required weapons
      • Works with a great deal of autonomy requiring discretion and field decision-making
      • May have to inflict bodily harm or kill another human being
  • Salary Information
    Entry Level Salary: $40,058   annual

    Contact Information

    Petrina McCutchen
    Polk County Sheriff's Office
    1891 Jim Keene Blvd.
    Winter Haven, Florida 33880
    ph: (863)298-6440