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Corvallis, OR Corvallis Police Department Police Officer Corvallis Oregon
Roswell, NM Roswell Police Department Police Recruit and Police Lateral
Cleveland, GA Cleveland Police Department Police Officer
Sardis, GA Sardis Police Department Police Officer
Greensburg, KS Kiowa County Sheriff Office Deputy Sheriff
Dickinson, ND City of Dickinson Police Officer
South Portland, ME South Portland Police Department Police Officer
Altus, OK Altus Police Department Police Officer
Marion, OH Marion Police Department Police Officer
Ravenna, OH Brady Lake Police Department Reserve Police Officer
Jeffersonville, GA Twiggs County Sheriff's Office Deputy Sheriff
Elizabethtown, KY Elizabethtown Police Police Officer
Denton, TX University of North Texas Police Department Police Officer Recruit/Police Officer
Sherwood, OR City of Sherwood Police Officer - Lateral
Saint Paul Island, AK Saint Paul Island Department of Public Safety Police Officer (Multidisciplinary)
Odessa, TX Odessa Police Department Police Recruit
Arlington, TX Arlington Texas Police Department Police Officer
Odessa, TX Odessa Police Department ODESSA POLICE OFFICER
Henderson, NV Henderson Police Department Communications Operator I
Casper, WY Natrona County Sheriff's Office Deputy Sheriff

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