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Stun Cuff at IACP 2008

Todays criminal is hardened, desperate and more dangerous than ever. They endanger everyone they come in contact with; law enforcement, judges and civilians. They are out of control! During trial prisoner shackling has been found unconstitutional for fear prisoners may appear guilty before a jury. On the other hand, you can't allow a murder suspect freedom in the courts, filled with innocent bystanders where they may attempt to break free. All too frequently we hear disturbing reports of prisoner escapes. Whether taking a prisoner for a doctor visit, transporting them for trial, interrogations or dealing with a prisoner that is under the influence. They must be controlled. Stun-Cuff, part of Myers Enterprises, Inc., is committed to prisoner compliancy and officer safety.

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Stun-Cuff at IACP 2008

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Download Stun-Cuff Officer Training Program Material

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