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September 04, 2013

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The DragonCam Captures Identifiable License Plates at Distances up to 450 ft.

The DragonCam Captures Identifiable License Plates at Distances up to 450 ft.

The DragonCam system is a fully featured, laser based digital imaging enforcement system capable of capturing high resoluton images and videos of vehicles violating preset speed limits.   The unit consists of DragonEye's IACP certified LIDAR integrated with a high performance camera system and rugged tablet computer. With custom designed high magnification optics, the DragonCam LIDAR can capture identifiable license plates at distances up to 450 ft on typical U.S. style plates and up to 300 meters on European style plates.  The compact system allows for handheld, tripod, or in-vehicle use.  Violation images and data are encrypted into a single secure file at the moment of capture.

DragonEye can supply full back office processing services or integrate the image and data output into your existing ticket processing system. 

Key Features:
• High resolution optics for long range.
• Rugged, shock resistant construction retains alignment with other Lidars fail.
• Lightweight and extremely well balanced with comfortable grip.
• Operates on two standard or rechargeable "C" cell batteries.
• Advanced anti-jamming allows speed readings when other units are disabled.
• Obstruction mode allows targeting through tree limbs, wires and fences.

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