June 08, 2012
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Throwable SWAT robot aids in special operations

Users can locate suspects, confirm presence of hostages or determine a building's layout

By PoliceOne Staff

Tactical micro-robot manufacturer ReconRobotics says their mobile, throwable robot will aid law enforcement in a variety of tactical situations.

The 1.2-lb ReconRobotics Throwbot XT Reconnaissance Robot can survive a 120-foot throw and quietly record video and audio wherever it lands — even in total darkness, due to an automatic infrared optical system.

The footage is sent wirelessly to a handheld controller, whose operator can use the information to locate suspects at a greater standoff distance, confirm presence of hostages or determine the layout of a building, according to a press release

The device was designed specifically for SWAT and military operations, but has been noticed by general lovers of technology for its "cool" factor.

Law enforcement agencies and personnel can request a free demonstration here.

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