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Police Duty Boots Press Release

March 07, 2013

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Minimalist Military Combat Boot Mini-Mil from Belleville First Look

Minimalist Military Combat Boot Mini-Mil from Belleville First Look

Minimalist shoes (like Vibram FiveFingers) have become incredibly popular in the military. Everyone will remember the iconic Special Forces photo of a soldier jumping out of a Chinook helicopter in FiveFingers. But you'll also recall that the popularity of toe shoes has resulted in the U.S. Army banning them (Meanwhile,The Navy seems to think they are okay. Even more on the Army's take here.). So it is that at least one military/police boot manufacturer—a company called Belleville—has partnered up with Vibram to produce a "minimalist boot." It's called the Mini-Mil and comes in TR101 (brown), TR102 (black), and TR103 (sage).

A true minimalist boot featuring a 5mm “drop” between the heel & forefoot, the Mini-Mil® is designed specifically for the conditioned warrior athlete currently training in minimalistic athletic footwear. This quick-drying unlined boot is not only highly breathable, but lightweight too - weighing less than 2 lbs a pair.

    • A true minimalist boot with a 5 millimeter “drop”
    • Exclusive Vibram® “Tarsus” oil and slip resistant rubber
    • Highly breathable unlined leather & nylon upper
    • Double & triple stitched seams for enhanced durability
    • Padded Achilles support
    • 8” height
    • AR 670-1 Compliant

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