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 - The PoliceOne Police Footwear product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching various law enforcement footwear options. It covers duty boots, motorcycle boots, women’s boots, waterproof boots, tactical footwear and footwear accessories.
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Police Footwear Best boots: PoliceOne members speak out

PoliceOne recently asked members active on the PoliceOne Forums the following simple question to which there are myriad equally valid answers. "Who makes the boots and/or shoes you wear and why do you like/love your chosen brand of footwear?"
A good fit for tactical boots

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Bates Footwear's iCS Delta-9.

Fusing new technologies with extensive knowledge, Tactical Research brings rugged and comfortable...

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  • Cold Weather Boots

    So I'm closer now to finding out if I have a job in ND and I have been trying to look around for a new pair of boots to buy as my pair that I have now have ...

  • Police Motorcycle Boots

    What are the best police motorcycle boots, types, manufacturers, and dealers where they can be purchased?

  • Duty Boots for Walking

    I am currently a night patrolman and need a good boot that will hold up to the walking. Most boots that I have bought in the past have worn out after between ...

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