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Police Gloves

 - The PoliceOne Police Gloves product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching protective Gloves. It covers several types of gloves, including duty gloves with Kevlar, multi-use gloves, motor officer specific gloves, tactical gloves and shooting gloves.
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Spotlight: StrongSuit creates next level gloves with the best fit, giving you STRENGTH AT HAND.
Company Name: StrongSuit Headquarters: Greenville, SC 29607 Signature Product: Tac-sense palm material Website: www.strongsuitgloves.com StrongSuit gloves are designed for performance. They strive to be ...

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  • Searching Gloves

    I am looking to buy a pair of gloves that can be used to search suspects (aka kevlar or something similar that would be needle-stick resistant). As we all ...

  • Women's Kevlar Patrol Gloves Secure - Law Enforcement Only

    I am a very small female officer who is looking for a pair of needleproof Kevlar gloves for patrol. I cannot wear men's gloves (yes, even the XS, they are ...

  • Custom Gloves/Vendor? Secure - Law Enforcement Only

    My fiance, a law enforcement officer, saw an episode of SpikeTV and one of the tactical officers wore a pair of black gloves with the letters Po Po tattooed ...

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