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Police Gloves Press Release

August 07, 2006

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Your First Stop For High Visibility Gloves…

D.P.G. Corp has all of the industry's latest and best hand wear for traffic control, emergency crews, public safety, and more…

  • 24/7™ Reflective glow gloves for traffic direction
  • UltraVIZ™ Series All-weather neoprene gloves in orange, lime and white variations
  • Reflective knitted gloves in lime and orange.
  • Also our Nexstar I ™ gloves with reflective "Sheriff", "Police", etc.
See them all at ( link to High Vis Gloves) www.damascusgear.com

One of the biggest dangers to EMTs, etc. is being hit by passing cars while working on the side of a road, highway or during traffic control. Many injuries and fatalities result from people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or even during the commission of a crime. However, many are from drivers who are traveling too fast on complicated road systems. You want to get the best, brightest piece of safety gloves you can... Look no further.

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