Halloween is a scary time for everyone

The last day of October – Halloween – is just around the corner. It’s a frighteningly fun time for kids, but October is a scary month for cops too. In October of 2007, sixteen police officers died in the line of duty and as of October 26th of this year 12 have made the ultimate sacrifice. Of those 28 cops, two died by gunfire, one by vehicular assault, two by heart attack, and the rest by accidental means, primarily vehicle related, but also including a fall, drowning, and a ground-related aircraft accident. In fact, every October 2008 police death except one (again, as of October 26th) has been as the result of an accident.

October is by no means the deadliest month for cops, but just by the sheer volume of accident deaths, we are reminded that accidents account for far more law enforcement deaths than do felonious assaults. What are the best anecdotes for accidents? YOU!

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