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Correctional Armor Press Release

January 31, 2014

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Introducing AR500 Armor: Finally, Affordable Body Armor

Affordable Body Armor - AR500 Armor

Owning Body Armor doesn’t have to be expensive. AR500 Armor® released its line of body armor with the intention of being affordable, and reliable. Utilizing our proven ballistic core with modern in-house manufacturing technology and processes we produce our own line of rifle threat rated Body Armor Plates, starting at just $65. This rings in at a fraction of the cost of some alternatives - meaning you can now afford to own Body Armor for Personal Defense, Professional use, or upgrade current issue outdated or lesser rated body armor.

As a necessary piece of equipment for emergency preparedness for responsible civilians, military, law enforcement, and professional security AR500 Armor® offers body armor solutions that fit within a realistic budget without sacrificing quality and reliability.

Shop AR500 Armor online today!

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