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Police Body Cameras Press Release

October 24, 2013

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“Body Worn Video is Making Life Easier for Police” Reports New Scientist

Mooresville, N.C. - “Body worn video” says New Scientist “is making life easier for police officers”. Alasdair Field of Reveal Media explained that confronted with footage of their actions, defendants are pleading guilty earlier. Chief inspector Gavin McMillan of Hampshire added that people in a brawl often calm down suddenly when told they are being videoed.

Sgt Steve Goodier of Hampshire Police, UK, is a long standing expert on body worn video, having overseen Operation Hyperion on the Isle of White, UK. He stated “When it is one person’s word against that of another before a judge and jury, the body-worn camera is an independent witness”. Sgt Goodier has also testified to the quality of Reveal Media’s camera, affirming “the RS3-SX is the best camera on the market”.

Commenting on camera usage, Goodier said “In reality ‘always on’ recording would become totally unmanageable and the technology could not do it”, instead, officers slide the record button on when approaching an incident and slide it off afterwards.

New Scientist explained that Reveal Media’s video management software “DEMS” flags up officers who are switching recordings on and off too often, allowing checks to be made on them.

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In regards to the future, New Scientist said “Goodier agrees that secure, shareable video data storage is key.” Sgt Goodier said “We need to be able to share footage easily with anyone in the justice system that needs it”

About Reveal Media
Reveal Media is a leading provider of body worn video camera solutions. Capturing evidence from a first person perspective, this technology has a proven and major impact on reducing levels of crime, abuse and anti-social behavior, as well as delivering significant cost and operational efficiencies to organizations deploying it. 

Reveal Media has been providing complete body worn camera solutions since 2006, and currently supplies body worn cameras and accompanying software to clients in twenty three countries and is rapidly expanding its international activities with three global offices now in operation.

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