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Police Body Cameras Press Release

October 24, 2013

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Whitestown Officers Wearing Wolfcom Body Cameras

WHITESTOWN, Ind. (WISH) - Another Central Indiana police department now has an extra set of eyes when patrolling and responding to calls.The Whitestown Police Department now requires their officers wear portable video cameras.

The cameras are essentially built into the officers’ radios now, and serve as a video camera, still camera, and voice recorder if needed.

Chief Dennis Anderson says all of the 26 officers who patrol or respond to calls will be wearing one.

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“They can capture things the camera sees, that sometimes the human eye doesn’t see,” Chief Anderson said. “It allows us again to have a permanent record of those events.”

Whitestown started testing out these cameras in May. About a month ago, they made the decision to buy them for all officers.

“More agencies are looking toward this. This particular make and model is placed in about 300 agencies across the country already,” explained Lt. Ed Savage, with Whitestown PD.

The cameras are the officers’ radio, so they don’t add an extra piece of equipment, explained Savage.

He says they cost the department a little more than $600 each.

The chief says they had the money in the budget to make the purchase.

“I relate it to the instant replay in the NFL,” Anderson explained. “It’s an opportunity to look at things from a lot of different angles, and not any one tells the true story. It’s when you get to see it from multiple different angles, you’re able to get a much clearer picture.”

They say the cameras not only can help in solving crimes and crash reconstruction, they can keep officers accountable as well. They say officers can't delete the video themselves.

“The body cameras assist us as administration to see what our officers are doing in the field, to make sure general orders are being followed,” explained Savage.

They also hope that these cameras will lead to better behavior by arrestees, knowing that they're being videotaped.

“Agencies that have instituted these, who’ve had problems of cases where officers had resistors, those numbers have dropped dramatically,” said Anderson.

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