Video: Officer shot in chest, saved by vest

Dash cam captures Mich. Officer Donald Viars getting shot by suspect

WARREN, Mich. - Incredible dash cam video released Friday shows a Warren police officer getting shot in the chest.  He survived, his bullet-proof vest taking the bullet and giving him a chance to get away.

From dash cam, you see Warren police officers walking to a house investigating a call of a man threatening someone with a gun.  Moments later there is a shot from the suspect off camera and Officer Donald Viars, an eight year veteran, can be seen falling into the street.

Viars drops his gun and flashlight, then gets a hold of his weapon and crawls and rolls.  He fires his gun at the suspect as he continues to crawl to safety behind a police cruiser.

"He didn't know until he got to the hospital and they took the round out of his vest, he didn't know that there was not penetration, didn't break the skin or anything.  He thought he was in more serious trouble," said Police Commissioner Jere Green.

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