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Bulletproof Vests Press Release

March 29, 2012

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Potential Officer Safety Threat Averted by Fremont (CA) PD

Potential Officer Safety Threat Averted by Fremont (CA) PD

Recently, the Northern California representative for U.S. Armor’s vehicle was burglarized and 19 ballistic vests were stolen.  Given the sensitive nature of the stolen property, Fremont P.D. Chief Craig Steckler assigned a special team to the case and within a few days, 14 of the vests were recovered!  Our special thanks goes to Chief Steckler along with Investigators Tom Edwards and Rick Zemlock for their diligent work!

We’d also like to commend Chief Steckler on being awarded the Bud Hawkins Memorial Law Enforcement Professional Award at the recent Law Enforcement Legislative Day in Sacramento, CA.  The award is presented by California P.O.S.T. to individuals who have made a difference by improving the California law enforcement profession through their long-lasting contributions, recognizing their continued creativity, perseverance and dedication with this “Exceptional Service” award.

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